REAL EM' IN     

Real Em’ In (“REI”), three individuals whose friendship has lasted over two decades, has set their priority to “reeling in” fans while maintaining themselves through the art of being “real.” REI’s original songs are a fueled hip-hop/pop/rap/house sound derived by blending the four unique musical backgrounds of Nate “so NazD” Reynolds (emcee/song writer), John “J Booch” Bucci (emcee/song writer), Austen “Koncept” Medek(composer/DJ), as well as their newly found house producer Ryan “Von Erich” De La Rosa. With this combined talent and skill, they exploded in the clubs and developed a strong loyal fan base. The group embodies a gifted combination of inherent talent, passion, heart and the determination to succeed.

Drawing from day to day experiences and struggles, their song writing talents draw the compliments of fellow performers, industry executives, and club owners. REI has performed live in New York City and the Midwest, their recorded music has received radio airplay, and you can hear it being spun by popular DJ’s in nightclubs. Building on this momentum, they have caught the attention of many, with demands to hear more.

Their first CD release is appropriately titled “Whatever it Takes” because they firmly believe that through any struggle, no matter how big or small, you can prevail. REI also blends into their powerful performances cover music of world-renowned artists that have lent inspiration to their sound. When they are on stage, their goal is to give their audience a forward journey and no excuse to stop moving to their beat. You feel encompassed by their sound, carried by their talent, and lifted by their heart and soul.


“When destiny calls - ANSWER!”