Jeffrey Wayne Henderson was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second oldest of three boys which also includes five girls.  The Henderson family moved to Long Beach, California, in 1960.  It was there that Jeffrey began the journey of his formal education.  He graduated from Banning High School in Wilmington, California and attended Harbor Community College in Harbor City, California.
Jeffrey's strong entrepreneurial spirit has leaded a road a favoring success.  He opened his first business, the Henderson Investment Company, at the age of 17.  This soon opened the doors for other ventures, Henderson's Towing Company and Henderson's Auto Body and Sales, which he oversaw for over ten years.As an accomplished musician, Jeffrey Henderson was bitten by the entertainment bug.  That led to the establishment of J.H.S. Productions, LLC, which is a division of “The Jeffrey Henderson Show.”  KLAS.com is a premiere Internet destination for celebrity talk radio reaching more than 1.5 million internet radio listeners at 3 p.m. Saturdays on the American Radio Network in Hollywood California, KLAS 89.7 FM on the radio, and worldwide live on the internet at www.klasfm.com/jeff.htm 
The format combines music and talk, but listeners never know what he's got up his sleeve on any given show.  He interviews celebrities, introduces new music, and features reporting by Ken McCoy, and live call-in conversations.  The laughs never stop because of Jeffrey’s high energy, improvisational skills and enthusiasm.Like everything he has done, Jeffrey Henderson is going after entertainment success in with unparalleled determination.It's no wonder why “The Jeffrey Henderson Show” has been able to take Hollywood by storm.  There is no other T.V. personality in the world today that has been able to connect to Hollywood's elite in a way that garners trust, inspiration, and compassion all in one.  Some of today's hottest Celebrities have been smitten by Jeffrey's charisma, energy, humor, and infectious laugh.  Celebrity interviews have included Chris Tucker, Jay Leno, Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Ice T, 50 Cent, Kathy Ireland, Snoop Dogg, Billy Crystal, Mary J Blige, and The Late Rick James.  

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