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Musicians, Singers - RADIO PROMOTION (Hollywood) Musicians and singers, promote your gig on The Jeffrey Henderson Show, KLAS 89.7 FM in Hollywood, California, Saturday nights starting at 3:00 PM, both on the radio and worldwide on the Internet at www.klasfm.com/jeff.htm  All genres welcome; we are about bringing variety to our audience. Check out our website at www.jeffreywhenderson.com. Our listeners range from age 18 to 70. Production cd provided for your convenience in promoting yourself for future engagements – cash required to receive the cd right after the show; checks and money orders must clear the bank before we send you the cd via certified mail. 30-day introductory opportunity for new sponsors for 30-second spots on four consecutive shows. E-mail Jeffrey Henderson at jeffreyhendersonshow@yahoo.com, or contact Jeffrey’s assistant at jhshow@aol.com  email us Today.
Live call in number 323-962-1938.

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  Jeffrey Henderson To Play The Role Of United States President in upcoming Indi Film:  Milind of Blueeye Productions, an India based movie production and animation distribution house, make the final candidate selection to play the role of United States President; Barrack Obama in their upcoming Indi feature film, "Kya Bakwaas Hai," which means (What Non-Sense)...The Starring Role features...YES YOU GUESSED IT!  None other than our very own...Jeffrey Henderson from The Jeffrey Henderson Show.  
This comical featured film depicits the extensive delay of Air Force One, which gets stuck at the terminal for 6 to 8 hours.  Unbeknownst to President Obama, while he was in town meeting the ministers of India, all flights were placed on hold due to security risks.  Once President Obama was informed of the mishap he entered the terminal area to formally appologize to the citizens of America and the India American Citizens who awaited the timely delays to get back to the United States of America. Milind states, "Through this movie we are trying to show good gestures of President Obama and are trying to promote him among the Indians who are now American Citizens and have the right to vote in the United States elections."  Antoinette Antone has been selected as the Production Fundraiser/Grant Writer for this Feature Film.    

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Executive Producers Andrew Ward and Kristen Moss, Will be on Live Radio 89.7 FM. On The Jeffrey Henderson Show. Saturday March 23rd 2013 at 3:00PM PST. Listen in at www.klasfm.com/jeff.htm   www.realitywantedawards.com www.thejeffreyhendersonshow.com  Live call in number is 323-962-1938.
Executive Producers Andrew Ward and Kristen Moss have wondered why there wasn't recognition and awards for the stars and crews in their television field. Co-founders of the group "We Work In Reality TV", Ward is also currently working on Fox's MasterChef and Moss is a Contestant Producer for Let's Make A Deal. Realizing that a reality awards could be done with the right team, they've partnered up with Mark Yawitz of RealityWanted.com, the top casting site in reality television, to form the RealityWanted Reality TV Awards. The event will take place on April 11, 2013 at Greystone Manor.

The Jeffrey Henderson Show Radio & TV.
 You’ve heard his celebrity talk show on the radio (The Jeffrey Henderson Show, Saturday nights 3 p.m., KLAS 89.7 FM and live on the internet at klasfm.com), you’ve seen him on the Red Carpet (see his website at www.thejeffreyhendersonshow.com for photos from red carpet event celebrity interviews). Jeffrey is also a sought after event host, and he's now available to serve as host or motivational speaker for YOUR event. You’re going all-out anyway -- Jeffrey’s professionalism, personality and sense of humor provide the icing you need on your cake. His fees are negotiable according to date and length of time involved.School functions, church functions, sporting events, family reunions, nightclub functions, weddings or other social events – Jeffrey Henderson will help make your event truly memorable. For booking, contact Jeffrey via e-mail at jeffreyhendersonshow@yahoo.com We do have an opening every Saturday at 3:00PM.Our pre-show starts at 2:00PM.
 This will be worldwide exposure for you at www.klasfm.com/jeff.htm 89.7FM Radio Hollywood Ca.Please bring a bio,and 225.00 cash for the production cd,this is mandatory to come on the show.E-mail me back to confirm.
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